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Four common frustrations you may face this week

Hi! Happy Monday!

I never post on Mondays. But all my posts recently have been about giving encouragement. Being real is important. I often dread facing Mondays. So I pulled together my thoughts on why.

Also, I was given a huge boost of affordable encouragement lately that may make your Mondays better.  It is an e-course on productivity and time management. Keep reading to learn more.

Frustration 1: FINANCES!

Eww! This is a huge monster in my closet and has been since we started married life with a bang due to chronic illness. I found I could not even totally follow Dave Ramsey’s  Total Money Makeover because we are chronically underpaid! It does not work fully if you have insufficient income.

BOOM! That revelation has had me on my knees and searching constantly like Crystal Paine of Money Making Mom & Money Saving Mom for legitimate ways to make better money for my family.

I am on that road right now. I will keep you posted! We are not out of the financial woods yet. Living on one income is very tough. Add all the extra expenses of chronic illness, well, see point number 2!

Frustration 2: OVERLOAD!

Do you have a crazy, nutso to-do list? Confession! I recently missed the first deadline for filing for a property tax reduction based on income! Yikes! That mistake will cause me some headache this year. But if I gave you the list of things I must accomplish every day, I think you would be understanding. It is just overwhelming.

I can feel my stress cortisol levels rising as I write this. Some of you are dealing with hefty health issues and these affect every area of your life. So, when I found out Crystal Paine had a time management course callied Makeover Your Evenings for really cheap, I cried. She is so, so, so encouraging. Bite-sized chunks that only take 15 minutes a day. Here is my affiliate link.  https://gr161.isrefer.com/go/MOYE/Julia/

 I would not share this if it wasn’t a blessing for you, too. Make over your evenings and share with me what is working for your life!


Frustration 3: FEAR!

I have mentioned courage on several occasions! Facing chronic illness well requires a boatload of this quality. I fight fear. Every. Single. Day. What if my hubby reacts poorly with this new med? What if I lose a client and cannot pay the next bill? How can I reinvent myself as I launch a new business?

Fear is our enemy. Jesus told His fearful disciples on the stormy sea, Do NOT be afraid. Faith in Christ and His promises help us face our fears. I need my daily courage vitamin from the WORD.

When I listen to God’s Word whether in my car, on sermonaudio.com, or just those little verse cards, I can breathe through those fear attacks. Those are little ways to fight fear that I use.

WHAT is your favorite fear-fighting tactic?

Frustration 4: Isolation!

No matter how much I try, I cannot walk in your shoes exactly. But your are my fellow-caregivers. You and I do share a commonality either by suffering a chronic illness like my husband, or facing the dreadful fallout that chronic illness brings to a wife and family.

I do get some of your struggles. Let’s share. Let’s pray. Let’s encourage each other, as Hebrews states, “looking diligently lest anyone fail of the grace of God”. How can I encourage you better?  Hope this Monday post helps.

And let Crystal encourage you, too. She is a master at survival on a slim budget. She is a Christian who cares. Her free posts are always valuable.  But her online courses are charitably affordable.