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Week 8: Christ Jesus, my Shepherd, my Caregiver

Once again I’ve made my Lord’s Day rounds — caregiver visiting caregiver. Let me explain.

My 93 year old grandmother lies bedridden in my parent’s former living room which is now occupied by a hospital bed and recliner, adult diapers and clothing in the cupboard. She has the kindest and gentlest of women, my mother and youngest sister, meeting her every physical need day in and day out.

On Sundays they take a much needed day off for church and fellowship. Bright and cheerful Ms. E comes to stay with Grandma, and rain or shine, winter winds or blistering heat, my daughter and I pop by to walk the dog and visit Grandma for a few. Ms. E  is always happy for adult conversation, too. It is a long day for her. Caregivers need company!

My question is this: who cares for the caregiver? So many times I am too busy fighting my own fires to stay very connected to others outside my family.

Another week of desperate prayers here wondering how I’m going to stay on top of everything on my plate. Another week of putting on my big girl britches and finding out where to check the oil and coolant on my new old vehicle because my hubby has been too incapacitated to barely step foot outside the house for the past week. Good thing I checked! This old engine is needy, too. I know from listening to you ladies that this is your life experience as well.

So my body was fighting me, but His Spirit won. By His grace I rarely miss worshipping Him with His people on His day. Why? Why bother when I have so much on my plate?

Certainly not because I find my every need met at church. Often I feel alone, isolated from the other women because my circumstances are so vastly different from theirs. I have had to really work on reaching out beyond those walls and seeking out the common ground we have in Christ. What brings me back each week?

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,   and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

As Matthew Henry puts it, “Let your care for your souls and another world take place of ALL other cares: and let all the concerns of this life be made subordinate to those of the life to come…”  God and His holy angels attend the worship of His people on His day. His Word is the Bread of Life to my weary soul. It is my time to sit in His presence and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Jesue Himself calls you and I, weary and burdened, to come to Him and find rest for our souls. He is my Caregiver and yours.

It is my hope and prayer to make this blog a little oasis for you, but I cannot give you rest and refreshment without time spent at Jesus’ feet, listening to His Word, being His sheep, and hearing His voice. Spend time with Him tonight!

Please feel free to share in the comments how I can pray for you. Caregivers need to care for one another. image