When life hands you lemons…

My husband and I have been married for more than a dozen years now and are blessed with one beautiful daughter.

My husband’s current diagnosis is ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis(RA), sjorgren’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, peripheral arterial disease,  as well as secondary symptoms of chronic fatigue, psoriasis, and bone density issues.  He was initially diagnosed with RA six months into marriage while I was three months pregnant.

During most of this time I have had to wear many different hats! Some of you ladies know what I am talking about: breadwinner, chief household financial detangler, nurse, momma, teacher, wife, sanitation expert, chef, and did I say nurse!?! I forgot to mention that I have recently learned some of the anatomy of a car and have been underneath my 1885 “this old house” um, more than once.

When I found this pile of lemons in my lap, my support system was extremely limited!

I want to give you an encouraging glass of cold, sweet lemonade with this pile of lemons I’ve been handed. I love lemonade! Hope you do, too.

Life is tough, but GOD is good. Hope you find your way to grace and joy in Christ on this rocky pilgrimage with me.  Sole Deo Gloria!



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  1. My husband was also diagnosed with significant and chronic illness issues 6 months after marriage. It’s a tough way to live out your life; so many unmet dreams and a life that is not anywhere near what you had hoped for. I hope that your blog provides encouragement for others like us who struggle to provide care and support to our husbands. And perhaps your blog will also reach those in our circle of friends and family who don’t live with what we do and help them to understand the challenges we face on a daily basis.


  2. I needed to see this. I felt alone caring for my husband. I am 23 and never expected this and I am a children’s pastors wife. Life is weighing heavy right now and I needed the encouragement. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you.


    • Karlie, if there is any way I can give you a helping hand on this difficult and lonely path, let me know. What would you like me to talk about on the blog? Thanks for reaching out and sharing, too. It makes it less lonely for all of us.


  3. I have an idea. Do you have any posts about loneliness? I have the unique difficulty of the emotional/mental illness that isn’t as accepted as physical illness. It is kind of one of those things that people don’t talk about in churches much. At least in the reformed presbyterian circles that I hang out in. Our pastor didn’t really believe that depression really existed. It was discouraging, to say the least. Caregivers need support too lest they fall into the same malady. Maybe you already have something here on this topic…I’m new. I just like having someone to talk to.

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    • Charlotte, a post on loneliness is a good idea. Though I’ve mentioned it before this topic deserves its own spot. Mental challenges are tough! I have a friend who is bipolar. As she so aptly put it, people’s brains get sick just like every other part of the body can. Prayers for you. Maybe we can chat via email? I’ll touch base in a few days. Busy three days here.


      • I would love to chat by email. I don’t really want to post it here for all to see, though. But I think you have it. Let me know after your busy days how we can connect. Thank you.


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