Being real today, caregiving wife


Real. Genuine. Authentic.

The above as opposed to being fake and phony, well, I hope this post is still encouraging. If I pretended that living with a chronically ill spouse was all sunshine and roses, hmmm?

It’s a hard balance to strike. Scripture tells us to bear our own burdens. It also tells us to bear one another’s burdens.

We don’t know each other’s burdens unless we are truthful about them. That means a measure of honest sharing and openness.

But whom do you trust with your personal brokenness? Seriously!

 Not all listening ears are created equal. The verse my mom always quoted to her quarreling brood was Ephesians 4:32. Thank God for Mom instilling civility!

Only open your heart to those committed to this: “Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.”

Trust me. I’ve taught kids professionally for more than a dozen years now. Kindness is a learned skill, not a natural quality. Bullying, anyone?

 Blogging has been hard for me in this sense. I’ve feared my audience, really. When I push the publish button, I often feel naked.

I just wanted you to never, ever be where I was. I want you to feel supported, loved, and prayed for. Deeply and kindly loved…

Why? I did not know a single other Christian woman with a chronically ill husband at that time. I felt so alone.

I could often not really connect with other women in my church — stay at home moms with healthy husbands. I still try. I love that there are women who love me like Jesus when I have such a different path in life. Each category of woman has their own struggles

Gradually I’ve learned I’m not really alone.

Still, there is not much of a network.  We’re such a chronically tired, hard-working bunch of women.

I’m glad you’ve found my blog. It’s a start, knowing you are not alone, right?

It is my hope and prayer that you’re being encouraged even as I share my struggles. Mostly I want you to see Jesus in the struggles. He is real. Truth. Life. Light. Living Water. Bread of life.

Remember Jehovah Jireh? We saw His major hand of provision for us this week through His people.

Knowing His love makes the struggle bearable.

So, what would you like to genuinely, authentically like to hear about?

What are your biggest struggles? What are your fears as wife of a chronically ill husband?  What would you like to read here?

Please share in the comment section below.

I promise you a kind, tender, listening heart. It’s been broken often enough to care. (Yep, that’s our therapy cat above. He’s doing a good job, too. Cute, isn’t he?)


7 thoughts on “Being real today, caregiving wife

  1. First – thank you for your faithfulness in writing and posting consistently. I truly do appreciate you and these words you share so willingly and diligently.
    I’m sorry I’ve not thanked you more frequently but please know I am very grateful to and for you!
    I struggle with the worsening of my husband’s conditions, his mood swings, how to be his helpmeet but not enabler, the lack of understanding of most of our friends/church family/neighbors, judgment about “if you had enough faith there would be healing.”
    Many thanks again and please know I’m praying for you, too! ❤


  2. I am new to the blog today and I feel a prayer has been answered! I am so excited to hear of a support group/blog for women like me who are working, raising kids, and taking care of a chronically ill husband.


  3. Hello from Indiana! My name is Bre and I found your blog today while searching for support. I do not care for my husband but I am caring for my terminally ill father and have been for 2 years. My husband and I are newly married and have found comfort in the vulnerability of people like yourself who share their struggles and their valleys and how they are leaning on God the Father for support during the most difficult season of their lives. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to follow and try and keep up with your story. I will be praying for You


    • HI, Bre, Thanks so much for touching base. I hope and pray God gives you the encouragement and support you need. I have a friend who is caregiving for her mother-in-law in addition to caring for three small children. It is a full-time job in and of itself. Such a challenging road! Your prayers are an amazing blessing. Keep me posted, also. I will check out your blog and keep you in my prayers.

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