When we cry, Abba, Father…

My heart is in knots. I have an orphan named Andriy near the top of my prayer list. And a teen named Bo because he is fighting cancer as is a baby named Emily. Also a toddler named Jason…

I want to find a forever family for Andriy. Someone to not only host him (Host Ukraine.org) for the summer, but to love and care for him every day. He needs my Father most of all.

My whole extended family has spent the past four years yearning and praying over my brother and his wife and their two little ones as they have battled her stage four cancer for that long. It feels like a lifetime. So when I hear of young people and little ones facing that same battle, well, it is a big deal.

The only resource I have to share is my prayers and words of love. I don’t even have TIME to focus long hours on a prayer list. I pray popcorn prayers. Lord, Father, please help Andriy gain a loving family. Please help and heal Bo, Jason, and Emily. Whoever comes to my mind pops into my prayers.

Every child of the Most High God IS adopted, called, and chosen. You and I have a right to His throne room.

Not only do I claim the legal righteousness of Jesus, I call upon God as my Father. Like a little child with an endless list of questions and requests, I come to Him not even knowing the best way to pray. Often I feel helpless.

This is the kicker! The God of the Universe who calls all the stars by name — He knows MY name. He knows YOUR name.

He wants His children to come to Him. You and I cannot wear out our welcome at His throne of grace. As I am a super busy working  Mom, I cannot fathom ever having enough time for my child!  I never have enough time. I am too busy.

My Father never sleeps. He never tires of my child-like requests, my popcorn prayers.

Where am I getting all this information, this belief system about my Father, you may be wondering. The books of Romans and Hebrews in the Bible are full of these truths. All the books of John speak of the Father-child relationship. From Old to New Covenants it is woven through Scripture.

Do you and I always get what we ask for?

Does any good parent always say yes to their child?  Sometimes we say no selfishly. Sometimes we say no wisely. Other times we say no because we have no resources to grant. But our Father in heaven gives and takes in love, always for our good and His glory. His resources are unlimited! Join me in sending those popcorn requests. We cannot wear out our Father. Sometimes we just need that nudge to keep on praying .




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