I Shall See God


Yet In My Flesh Shall I See God…   

Job, sitting in dust and ashes — Job, curse God and die! Faithful Job, grieving the loss of all of his beloved children he prayed for. Every. Single. Day.  Job, his wealth all gone. Job, covered from head to foot with sores. Job, smarting under the accusations of his only friends, yet he has a statement of faith.

There is one thing he knows. One thing in his life is unshaken. Unmoved. Unchangeable. He states it defiantly. His words ring like bells in my heart today. Thousands of years later, I want to shout it out from the highest mountaintop.  As I write, Christians in many places are laying down their lives for this truth.

I KNOW that my Redeemer lives!

Four (and many more I don’t know of) beautiful people were murdered this week for translating Bibles for their oppressed, enslaved nation. Loving their people for Jesus’ sake ushered them through gates of splendor.  You can find the stories at http://www.mnnonline.org. You need to read these stories, unsung by the star-struck media!

After my skin is destroyed…

With chronic, long-term illness in the house, you watch the destruction of your loved in 3-D on a daily basis.  The pain. The new meds. The gradually increasing list of symptoms.  Like a giant snowball gathering size and speed as it rolls down the hill, you know that the physical worst is yet to come.

In my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself, and MY eyes shall behold…

Job grapples with despair. He states that God has forgotten him. He weeps. He grieves. He cannot find God’s presence. Yet the Spirit of God in him will not let him give up. Right in the middle of his pooling words of sorrow rings this Satan-defying, in-your-face statement of faith.  I love it, Ladies! I could not wait to share this with you this week.

He shall stand at the Last Day upon the earth…

Last Lord’s Day I could not keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks as I heard the pastor simply read the powerful words of Revelation 19:11-21. “And He has on His robe and on his thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”  Evil will be destroyed!  For His people pain and suffering will be abolished. Truth. Goodness. Beauty. Righteousness. Peace.

How my heart yearns within me!

One day these bleak days will be a distant dream.  So let’s talk. Let’s pray. Let’s keep encouraging each other, sisters. May the glory and beauty of Christ be displayed in our lives as we love Him.  If we love Him truly, we will love one another.  I want to meet each one of you on the other side of those gates of splendor.  Most of all,  I  yearn to meet Him. I’ve only seen Him with the eyes of my heart. In my flesh I  shall see God. Job 19: 25-27


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