Plan for Hope

“Hope that is seen is not hope.”  How things will work out in the tangled, hidden maze of chronic illness is not our business. Thankfully, that is God’s domain. But when the depressing and difficult affects of chronic illness in the family take their toll, we need a ray of hope.

Having things to look forward to is a delightful anti-depressant. “If only in this lifetime we have hope, we are of all men most miserable.” Spending time in the Word focusing on the promises of God and His perfections will infuse new hope in our hearts.  Plan for hope!

In the short-term, try to take a break from chronic illness. I can hear my own cynical laughter as I write this down! How can this possibly happen? There are so many reasons, especially finances, that would make this seem unwise. Money or family ties? You decide what is most important!

Practically speaking, if it is safe, cancel one of those weekly doctor’s appointments and make time for a special gathering with your family. I define family as those who will love, support, encourage, edify, and build up your faith in Christ. Sometimes you have to make your own family ties and keep other so-called toxic family at a distance where they cannot harm and further depress your immediate family unit.

Our long drive through the mountains to visit family and get out of our house was a refreshing reminder. All of Christ’s children will dwell together in His house forever. He has promised. (Ps. 23) Family feast days and fun together are just a foretaste to whet our appetite and keep us hoping for what is yet to come.


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