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How to Care for your Chronically Ill Friend, part 2


Peace in our Storms

A couple of my favorite little people’s mommy has cancer. It has turned their lives upside down. Yet they are loved and cared for in so many ways. It is a vivid reminder of the words of Christ, “My peace I give you, NOT as the world gives….” Sometimes what we most need when walking through chronic/ life-threatening illness is just the loving, caring, non-critical presence of Christ’s followers in our lives.  Illness can be very evident, as it is with my sister–in-law, who is experiencing the hair-loss from chemo.  But, a few months ago you would have NEVER looked at her and said, “She has stage four cancer.”  We would have shaken our heads in disbelief.  There is no one more vibrant and alive than her in our family. It is a reminder that chronic “invisible” illness is NOT a hoax. 

Meanwhile, so many ask, “What can we do to help?”  Due to the overwhelming volume of e-mails, phone calls, and snail mail,  my sister-in-law is totally unable to respond to the individuals. If you can just love self-sacrificially, and keep sending those encouraging notes without any expectation of response or return, then you will be fulfilling the law of Christ. 

Nothing is more meaningful, after the presence of the Holy Spirit, than the loving, caring presence of Christ’s body when we are suffering. Please be there in some way for your friend and friend’s family. Touch base. Don’t let weeks or months go by before you pick up the phone or send a caring e-mail. When you face a long term chronic illness, depression and despair are constant enemies. Be the warm and loving hands of our compassionate Savior to your friend.