Impossible Faith

Another of the countrified  sayings I grew up with  was, “When the going gets tough, then the tough GET GOING.”  One way to haul yourself out the miserable muck of self-pity and unbelief is to park in Hebrews 11 for a while. God has called all His beloved children to a life of faith and obedience.

 Examples of extreme faith abound in Hebrews 11.  Noah built an ark that took one hundred years to complete. It was impossible to hide!  Since the Genesis record shows no account of oceans at this time, but a vapor canopy that watered the earth, the ark was a totally unique and monstrous structure. It certainly piqued the curiosity of his neighbors. And as you know, people will talk. “That fool, Noah, is wasting so much of his life.”  Noah used his ark building project as  a springboard for preaching righteousness.

Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching tests of faith is the experience of Abraham being commanded to offer up his long-awaited son of promise, Isaac.  He so totally believed God that he counted on Isaac’s resurrection!   He had never seen or experienced resurrection himself. 

In reading book reviews of books written for caregivers of chronically ill husbands,  it was difficult to find a Biblical perspective on the unique temptations we wives face. Once couple agreed that the wife could have a sexual partner on the side as long as the husband never knew about it.   I know that many of you struggle not only with finances, relationships with others,  but also physical deprivation.  Some of you work long hours to provide for your family and your man doesn’t have even have an ounce of affection  to give after his struggles with pain and depression. Extreme selfishness is a temptation that the chronically ill/disabled  often battle, too.  Our men can get mired in self-pity and unbelief in their own fiery trial of faith.  They can fail to see and try to meet the needs of their wives.

God has called us to holiness. He specifically forbids adultery and fornication. Faith and obedience require us to spurn the advice of the world to seek other sexual satisfaction outside of marriage.  I have wept and prayed for some dear sisters in my on-line group who struggle so fiercely with these areas of temptation.

It takes gritty faith to maintain that commitment that God requires in marriage. He doesn’t allow for  us to wiggle out, unlike the “no-fault” divorce.  He expects us to learn to love as He has relentlessly loved us. When we do, we show our love and gratitude for His gift of eternal life.

I have been blessed with a man who loves to show affection.  However,  we have to struggle with many physical constraints on our marriage.  The eyes of faith help me to see that this life is quickly passing away.  Deprivation of any sort is a temporary condition.  There is a great day of pure love and joy coming at the throne of the King of Kings.  Meanwhile, we have heroes of faith to help light our path.  Who is your favorite Hebrews 11 hero? 

“Without faith it is impossible to please…God.” Heb. 11:6    “With God all things are possible.”


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