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Courageous for the Chronically Ill

Recently we were invited to a dinner and movie night for  Christian couples.  The movie pick was Courageous. In a day of feminism run amuck, it was a truly inspiring view. Many women are longing for such a reformation in their spouse. Perhaps this movie will be the catalyst for some to take hold of the courage commanded in Joshua chapter I.

Where does that leave those of us women who have been forced into the role of breadwinner?  Our hunky husbands are very often in bed on pain meds.  Inferiority and depression can quickly set in after watching such brawny, courageous male leaders.

Different circumstances require different kinds of courage. If we look carefully, we will often catch glimpse of the courage that enables someone with a chronic degenerate illness to tackle a new project or just get out of bed and make it to church when he can barely move. My husband has been blessed with a chronic sunniness along with his illnesses that is often mistaken for feeling well. He deals with our energetic seven year old with lots of humor and patience.

Many of your husbands struggle with chronic depression. Perhaps just taking that step to talk to a pastor or friend will be his next step of courage.  Living with chronic illness is not for cowards. Maybe next blog I will tackle courageous for women. My experience has been that some of you are among the most courageous women I have met.  Meanwhile, what steps of courage, albeit seemingly miniscule, can you encourage your man to take?